Why you save money

VERMAKTIV Stimul is applied to the aerial parts of plants. As a result, the process is extremely accurate without any unnecessary financial and functional loss. The unique composition ensures the ideal permeability of the extract, which through the leaves (above ground) penetrates into the underground root system of the plant. As a result, the root system increases. The long-term application not only deepens the effect, but the soil is repeatedly fertilised. Within 3-5 years, it can double its humus fund. All this is done through natural processes that successfully revitalise without exhausting the soil.
With this revitilisation effect, you can turn less fertile soil into a highly fertile environment.

Eco Composition

The great difference of our product compared to others is its natural composition, allowing for consumption and processing shortly after application. Furthermore, the composition improves soil properties such as thermal conductivity, aeration, water-binding ability, reduces vapor and freezing, and improves structure.
The importance of VERMAKTIV Stimul is in the activation of the root system, which allows plants to increase their absorbtion of nutrients by converting them from insoluble to nutrient-accessible ones.