Why choose Vermaktiv

VERMAKTIV Stimul accelerates the emergence and growth of plants. It supports faster germination and faster growth of green area up to 36%. The increase in the production of flowers ensures more fruits. The quality of the fruit at harvest showed a marked improvement.
During vegetation, VERMAKTIV Stimul improves the processes of plant growth. The plant increases growth even in the transient periods of drought. In case of damage to plants by frost, drought, bacterial and viral diseases, after being attacked by insects and other negative pests, VERMAKTIV Stimul accelerates regeneration processes.

Avert of every wave of infection

With preventive spraying, every wave of infection is averted by suppressing fungal diseases.
It improves soil quality and supports the increase of soil bacteria and other microorganisms that accelerate the decomposition processes of organic matter and decompose individual minerals for better absorbtion by the root system. Thus, the production of humus substances in the soil increases every year. The VERMAKTIV Stimul process promotes the breakdown of old inorganic fertilizers and other cumulated inorganic compounds into available plant nutrients. This removes salinisation and restores biologically depleted soil, increases humus content, and restores soil microflora in depleted soils.


VERMAKTIV Stimul can be used for decontamination. The Bioremediation method using fast-growing tree species promotes the formation of microorganisms capable of degrading the pollutant. It can thus be deployed in long-term mining areas or in locations of former military operations.