What is Vermaktiv

Efficacy of VERMAKTIV Stimul is based on the plants instant absorbtion of nutrients. There is a stimulation of increased plant hormone activity, such as cytokinins to enhance plant and auxin defenses for faster wood production and the formation of connective substances and plant tissues.
As a result, VERMAKTIV Stimul increases flower production and increases fruit production, which is influenced by nutrient growth. A great benefit is the significantly increased ratio of quality fruits in the harvest.

Product description

VERMAKTIV Stimul is a fractional, specially treated animal and plant cell extract containing organically bound phosphorus and nitrogen. In addition to these elements, it also contains several groups of amino acids, enzymes, hormones, and other natural active biostimulants. This extract is absorbed by the plant tissue and the root system. Since pure natural materials are used, no harmful substances are accumulated and the plants or fruits are edible immediately after treatment. Due to tissue absorption, only a minimal amount of concentrate is required for immediate effect.