VERMAKTIV Stimul – Vegetables

The application of VERMAKTIV Stimul – Vegetables multiplies the root of the crop resulting in vegetation development, and defense mechanisms are strengthened. After the first application, the plants can effectively defend themselves against fungi. The product is a natural composition and is applied to the leaf. It passes through the whole plant and acts in all its parts. An important part of the whole activating action of VERMAKTIV Stimul are the decomposition processes taking place in the rhizosphere after the exclusion of a part of the unused substance. This will create ideal conditions for plant nutrition in the future growing season.

Spinach Growth Experiment

In November 2019, an experiment was performed on the effect of VERMAKTIV Stimul on spinach growth. The project took place at the Institute for Agricultural Production in Chomutov under the leadership of Ing. Roman Honzík. The crop seeds were placed in the substrate and irrigated once every 2 days. The concentration of the preparation was 1: 150. Control of untreated and treated areas was documented and there was an almost two-fold increase in biomass in the treated sample within 30 days. Watch the time-lapse video.

Other consequences
of the application

VERMAKTIV Stimul supports the breakdown of old inorganic fertilizers and other inorganic compounds and transforms them into plant nutrition. It is thus possible to break down salinity and restore biologically depleted soil. By using the product, it is possible to achieve up to a 50% increase of humus layer in the soil within 2-3 years. Due to the absorption by the plant surface, a very fast effect occurs and only a minimal amount of concentrate in diluted form is required.