Vermaktiv in Forests

VERMAKTIV Stimul is a natural protective substance that can the begin the forest revitalization in the Czech Republic. It promotes the efficient use of irrigation when planting seedlings and other vegetation by speeding up their rooting and thus ensuring a higher intake of nutrients from the soil. It also helps to significantly increase the plant’s defenses, prevents any infection, and inhibits airborne fungi, and acts as a repellent against pests.
Deploying VERMAKTIV Stimul in Czech forests would mean removing bark beetle naturally, thanks to plant defense mechanisms. Application of VERMAKTIV Stimul to the tree via leaves or needles activates the mechanisms to produce increased amounts of sap which then impede the pests. In addition, the active substance of the product also affects the nearby surroundings of the tree resulting in an increased occurrence of forest fruits, facilitating the survival of the black grouse, and heathland, to support “forest life”. Conventional spraying of bark beetle currently uses insecticides and other toxic and inorganic substances, which may cause unpleasant effects on animals in forests. With VERMAKTIV Stimul, this risk is eliminated as the product is natural without any negative impact on any flora or fauna. The basis of the active substance is extruded earthworm droppings, which are enriched with specific natural substances. Vermaktiv Stimul is a Czech product that has been developed over 20 years, now under the leadership of Doc. Smrček from Charles University in Prague.