The growth of radishes

We return nature to where it was.

In March 2020, an experiment was made for the emergence and growth of radishes treated with VERMAKTIV Stimul.

Project leader Ing. Roman Honzík at the Institute for Agricultural Production in Chomutov monitored two test samples for 15 days, of which only one was treated with VERMAKTIV Stimul.

An equally thick layer of substrate and the same number of seeds were placed in two separate containers.

The sample treated with VERMAKTIV Stimul was irrigated by spraying at a concentration of 1: 150 during the whole monitored (15 days) 7 times, which was approximately 7 ml of concentrate.

During the test, there was a 61% increase in biomass in the treated plants compared to the untreated sample. A massive increase in green matter was also noted in the treated plants. However, the experiment was stopped after 15 days due to the social and health situation in Central Europe.