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Vermaktiv Playground


Vermaktiv Playground is a unique extract that provides grasses with a rich spectrum of nutrients, which makes the grass more durable and easier to cope with the difficult growing conditions during winter or drought. Vermaktiv helps in the first phase of grass seeding to increase the root system. The side effect is the natural increase in the humus layer within 2-3 years up to 50%. Vermaktiv Stimul further helps over-fertilized soil to regain nutrient potential, naturally.



The substance is applied to the leaf and passes through the whole plant to the roots. As a result, the plant uses the largest amount of the active substances. With this application, some of Vermaktiv is released into the soil and, as a result, the humus layer increases naturally.



Apply the spray using conventional hand and back sprayers. We recommend to avoid direct sunlight when treating the plants.

Dilution, application time

Result Time: within 3 weeks