Vermaktiv Herbs

Vermaktiv Herbs supports plants in growth and helps with rooting. Herbs will be stronger and more resistant. The enlargement of the root of the plant affects the size and strength of the leaves and stem. Moreover, by applying to the leaves, the active natural substances penetrate the soil, which adds further nutrients and increases the humus layer.



The substance is applied to the leaf and passes through the whole plant to the roots. As a result, the plant uses the largest amount of the active substances. With this application, some of Vermaktiv is released into the soil and, as a result, the humus layer increases naturally.



Apply the spray using conventional hand and back sprayers. We recommend to avoid direct sunlight when treating the plants.

Dilution, application time

1: 150, 1st application from 15 cm stand height, 2.-3. application after 2 weeks

Result Time: within 3 weeks