Vermaktiv Stimul – History

Nature renews Vermaktiv

VERMAKTIV Stimul is a natural auxiliary substance developed for over 20 years. It is a unique extract of natural composition and the effect is beneficial for plants and assists in revitalization for over-fertilized soils. VERMAKTIV Stimul has undergone extensive testing in many countries with different soil compositions from the Czech Republic, China, Russia, Germany, and Vietnam over the last 15 years.


Vermaktiv Stimul is a product whose history is linked to Enzymix.

“Enzymix is ​​an organization engaged in field research of eco-bio enzymatic-bacterial agents, adjuvants, stabilization of enzymes, and balance of auxins and giberlins in plants. The organization focuses mainly on ecologicallu focused products with high levels of technology and quality.

Enzymix Ltd., a Czech compnay, develops bacterial enzymatic mixtures for agricultural, forestry, vegetable, and orchard production. It focuses on the implementation of applied research into standard production conditions, especially for organic farming and bioremediation.

WoBC, Ltd. is a trading company that represents Enzymix in the areas of Business, Distribution, Marketing on the domestic and foreign markets.”

Organization representative:
Ing. Petr Linda, CEO + Sales