Functional Substance

VERMAKTIV Stimul is made from components that catalyze the increase in plant nutrition immediately after application, thus effectively producing plant tissue and the root system. Immediately after application, the extraordinary composition promotes an increase of immunity throughout the growing season of the plants.

Detailed Description

VERMAKTIV Stimul is a liquid auxiliary plant preparation, an acidic alcoholic-water enzyme protein. It contains enzymes, phytostimulators, humus substances, amino acids, cytokinins, auxins and other substances such as anthranilic acid, aminoacetic acid, humic acids, abscisic acid, polyuronic acids, oligosaccharides and trace elements. VERMAKTIV Stimul improves the condition of plants increasing their resistance to adverse factors, promotes rooting, growth, flowering, and stock levels. VERMAKTIV Stimul improves damage recovery, avoids stress when using selective herbicides, increases the amount of green matter, improves cross-sectional regeneration, and increases the number of flower buds and yield, and improves fertilizer utilization. VERMAKTIV Stimul does not contain an effective amount of plant nutrients and should not replace fertilizers.

Below is the characterization of the substances given in the description. Label information is available.