Vermaktiv Stimul

Vermaktiv Stimul is an auxiliary herbal preparation that is non-toxic and harmless to the human population, plants, all flora or fauna living in any habitat. Vermaktiv Stimul strengthens the nutrition and growth of plant tissue, and ensuring enhancement of the root system, and improving plant rooting and vegetation development.

Vermaktiv Renews Nature

Vermaktiv Fruit Trees

Big Apples
Robust Pears
Tasty Apricots
Cultivated Vines

Vermaktiv Fruit and Leaf Vegetables

Fragrant Tomatoes
Big Peppers
Rich leafy Salad
Beautiful Cucumber

Vermaktiv Root Vegetables and Onion

Hearty Carrots
Delcious Onions
Aromatic Garlic
Crates of Potatoes

Vermaktiv Playground

Professional Football Fields
Velvety Golf Course
Distinguished Cricket Pitch
Rapid recovery of stressed sport grounds without chemicals.

Vermaktiv Small Fruits

Fragrant Strawberries
Huge Blueberries
Juicy Currants
Big Gooseberries

Vermaktiv Flowers

Rich Geraniums
Strong Tulips
Fragrant roses
Velvety Lilies

Vermaktiv Herbs

Thriving Basil
Flourishing Oregano
Aromatic Rosemary
Fragrant Thyme

Bigger and Superior fruits

100% CZECH


We give back to nature

Vermaktiv Stimul can significantly revitalize the soil and return all the bioprocesses that may have been effected by years of inorganic fertilization. Believe it or not, but several years of fertilizing gardens with conventional means can lead to increased salinisation of pesticides, herbicides, and similar substances in soil.

Vermaktiv Stimul acts like a good diet for the plant. Our extract adds the necessary ingredients to the plant, allowing it to take on the ideal amount of surrounding nutrients during growth. By bringing the active composition into the soil through holistic penetration through the plant, the effect is maximized.


On April 10, 2008, after pruning, Vermaktiv Stimul spraying was applied to a local Golden Delicious apple orchard named Patera (83 ha) in the ratio of 1: 1000. During the 8-day follow-up, active callus formation and increased dormant activity (untreated control) were found.

On May 8, 2008, the following was found in the control of the sample: There was a significant increase in young shoots and a significant increase in flower calyx and earlier flowering compared to the control.

On August 8, 2008 at the time of differentiation of flower buds, Vermaktiv Stimul was applied in a ratio of (1: 500) and (1: 1000). In addition, the above sample on April 22, 2009 found an increase in the number of flower buds by 40% and 15%, respectively, compared to the control. In the harvest, there was a 15% increase in yield with an emphasis on an increased proportion of quality fruit by 50%, against control.

ZD Podlipan Vitice states that the declared efficacy of Vermaktiv Stimul has been verified. The product will continue to be used by ZD Podlipan and extend its use to other areas and other crops.

What is Vermaktiv

Vermaktiv Stimul is made from natural materials and ingredients that increase the nutrition and growth of plant tissue and improve the development root system, including surrounding plants. Immediately after application, the extraordinary composition will give the plants impulses to increase immunity and assimilate the process throughout the growing season.

We developed the extract over 20 years in laboratory conditions. Tests were carried out in cooperation with experts from Charles University in Prague and Mendel University in Brno.

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