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VERMAKTIV Stimul – Forest & Park

VERMAKTIV Stimul – Forest & Park promotes the efficient use of irrigation when planting seedlings and other vegetation by accelerating their rooting and providing greater nutrient uptake from the soil. The seedling does not need shading after application. VERMAKTIV Stimul – Forest & Park supports the vegetation processes for faster growth and increases forest tree stands’ resistance against infection, especially in the transition period without precipitation from spring through summer.

The ecological-friendly composition assists the fight against bark beetle and fungal diseases. The effect is based on the extraordinary activation of tree regeneration processes, which, thanks to its own defense mechanisms, fight pests. The side effect is the activation of bioprocesses of the forest, the growth of plants and fruits, including heathy cranberries and ferns, etc. Thanks to Vermaktiv, the vegetation quality of the forest is increased and positively influences the robustness of forest game. VERMAKTIV Stimul – Forest & Park is an ecological tool for the recovery of plant cultures and the application significantly contributes to the reduction of environmental burden created by xenochemicals.

VERMAKTIV Stimul – Forest & Park was tested in cooperation with Charles University in Prague and Mendel University in Brno.


Unique composition allows for exclusive absorption of above-ground parts of plants. The applied composition exhibits significant stimulating effects on existing plant parts and activates new growth. This results in a substantial increase in the volume and quality of the rhizosphere nutritional requirements. Also important is the anti-stress effect on both biotic and abiotic stresses. The plant becomes more durable. Application of the composition, in the form of single-phase or two-phase spraying during the growing season, is also economically favorable for both preventive and curative measures. VERMAKTIV Stimul – Forest & Park significantly increases the amount of produced biomass and significantly reduces loss of vegetation, in case of adverse conditions.

The uniqueness of VERMAKTIV Stimul – Forest & Park is based on the application of a mixture of different phytohormone ratios. This enables the support of metabolic processes, which eliminate the influence of biotic factors, especially the destructive action of pathogens, in particular Lirulamacrospora, Lophodermiumpiceae on spruce, or Lophodermium spp. and Dothistromaseptosporum on pines, and actual damage to Gemmamycespiceae buds. There is a possibility of increased resistance to Gremmeniellaabietina and Ascochytapiniperda.

Complete Forest Protection

VERMAKTIV Stimul – Forest & Park regenerates and strengthens woody plants affected by bark insects, prevents the spread of infections, and helps regenerate plants. When mixed with available insecticides against spruce bark beetle or against other bark pests, VERMAKTIV Stimul – Forest & Park is an excellent carrier. When mixed with any plant protection agent, VERMAKTIV Stimul – Forest & Park passes through the entire structure, leaving an effective trace of the preparation. As a result, the pest control is far more effective than conventional application. The unique composition runs through the leaf, or needles, binding to the plant tissues and continuing to the root system, and, from there, back through the affective binders.

Thanks to the regeneration process of the trees, the pest is eliminated. At the same time, the plant metabolism is activated to produce new biomass that no longer shows signs of attack or damage. Below is a presentation of the results of VERMAKTIV Stimul – Forest & Park. You can download or arrange an appointment.

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