For Orchards and Vineyards

Vermaktiv Stimul Fruit and Vegetables

Vermaktiv Fruit & Vegetables is an ideal means to increase the harvest and increase the ratio of healthy fruits. After application, the substance passes through the whole part of the plant and increases the root system. It speeds up emergence and causes better rooting. It supports the growth ability of plants even in the transient period of lack of moisture, such as a drought. Vermaktiv Fruit & Vegetables increases the production of flowers and, therefore, fruits. It provides trees and orchards with important stimulants that accelerate regeneration processes when damaged by frost, drought, bacterial and viral diseases, and/or attacks by insects and other pests. By performing preventive spraying, it supplies plants with a stronger defense mechanism so that waves of infections can be averted.

The substance increases the growth of wood mass at the time of the vegetation development of fruit seedlings, forest seedlings, and shrubs in tree nurseries.

Suitable for grapes, hops, apples, apricots, peaches

Vermaktiv Fruit & Vegetables improves soil quality and significantly supports the increase of soil bacteria and other microorganisms that can break down individual minerals for ideal root system absorption. Vermaktiv Fruit & Vegetables promotes the breakdown of old inorganic fertilizers and compounds then transforming them into plant nutrition. This can eliminate salinisation and restore biologically depleted soil. By using the preparation, it is possible to achieve up to 50% increase of the humus layer in the soil within 2-3 years.

An important feature of Vermaktiv Fruit & Vegetables is the increase in organic matter that prevents the leaching of nutrients from the soil. This leads to a significant assessment of the application environment and the preservation of soil richness in the following years.

Results of Vermaktiv Stimul Fruits and Vegetables

On April 10, 2008 in the local area of Patera (83 ha), a spray of Vermaktiv Fruits & Vegetables was applied to the Golden Delicious apple tree after a hard cut at a ratio of 1: 1000. control).

On May 8, 2008, during the inspection of the sample, the following was found: There was a marked growth of young shoots, a significant enlargement of the calyx, and earlier flowering compared to the control.

On July 8, 2008 at the time of differentiation of flower buds, Vermaktiv Fruits & Vegetables was applied in the ratio of (1: 500) and (1: 1000). On the above mentioned sample, on April 22, 2009 an increase in the number of flower buds by 40% and 15% was found, respectively, compared to the control. During the harvest, the trial noted an increase in yield of 15% with an emphasis on an increased share of quality fruits by 50%, as opposed to the control.

ZD Podlipan Vitice concludes from the above results that the declared efficacy of Vermaktiv Stimul has been verified. ZD Podlipan will continue to use Vermaktiv Fruits & Vegetables and will extend use to other areas and crops.