a unique, organic, and complete non-toxic growth stimulant, the application of which in your garden will be a vitamin bomb for it and a joy for you.

» VS brings better immunity to crops and trees in drought or frost
» Increases the ability to successfully take root
» Multiplies the root system of plants and trees and increases nutrient supply
» Stimulates the plant for regular growth and richer flowering
» Increases the proportion of quality fruits at harvest and increases yield
» An ecological and efficient way of growing even in hobby conditions

Products for organic gardening


Quality fruits
Higher yields
More vitamins


Healthy fruits
Durable plants
Richer harvest


Rich flowers
Intense aroma
Strong plants
Rapid recovery after damage


Strong taste
Great aroma
Faster growth


Durable and dense grass areas
Intense color
Fast regeneration after maintenance

Forest & Park

Increased immunity of shrubs and trees

Significantly faster growth
Successful restoration after frost or drought

Higher quality and quantity of fruitsy

100% Czech patent

ECO-logical product

Higher quality and quantity of fruits   |   100% Czech patent   |   ECO-logical product

We return nature
to where it was

Using VERMAKTIV Stimul can significantly revitalize the soil and return all the bioprocesses that may have changed significantly over the years of inorganic fertilisation. Believe it or not, several years of fertilising gardens with conventional means can lead to increased levels of salts, pesticides, herbicides. and similar substances in the soil.

VERMAKTIV Stimul works for the plant similar to a quality diet for humans. Our extract supplies the plant with the necessary ingredients, thanks to which it can absorb the ideal amount of all the nutrients from the surrounding soil during growth. By the active substance entering the soil through the holistic penetration of the plant, the effect is maximized.


On April 10, 2008, in the orchard of the local name Patera (83 ha), a spray of VERMAKTIV Stimul in a ratio of 1: 1000 was applied to the Golden Delicious apple tree after a hard pruning.

On May 8, 2008, during the inspection of the given sample, the following was found: There was a significant overgrowth of young shoots, a significant increase in flower calyxes, and earlier flowering.

On July 8, 2008, at the time of flower bud differentiation, VERMAKTIV Stimul was applied in a ratio of (1: 500) and (1: 1000). On the above-mentioned sample on 22 April 2009, an increase in the number of flower buds of 40% and 15%, respectively, was found , compared to the control. At the harvest, an increase in yield of 15% with an emphasis on an increased share of quality fruit by 50% , against control, was noted.

From the above results, ZD Podlipan Vitice has verified the effectiveness of VERMAKTIV Stimul. ZD Podlipan will continue to be used and will extend its use to other areas and other crops.

What is Vermaktiv

VERMAKTIV Stimul is made from natural materials and ingredients that increase the nutrition and growth of plant tissue, the root system, while improving the development of the roots. Immediately after application, the extraordinary composition of the substance triggers the plants’ impulse to support the increase of defenses and assimilate this process throughout the vegetation period of the plants.

We have been developing the extract for more than 20 years in laboratory conditions. The tests have been carried out in cooperation with experts from Charles University in Prague and Mendel University in Brno.

We are the holder of the patent and we cooperate proudly:

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