Vermaktiv Stimul

Vermaktiv Stimul is an auxiliary herbal preparation that is non-toxic and harmless to the human population, plants, all flora or fauna living in any habitat. Vermaktiv Stimul strengthens the nutrition and growth of plant tissue, and ensuring enhancement of the root system, and improving plant rooting and vegetation development.

Vermaktiv Renews Nature


The active ingredient increases crop size and plant’s resistance to pests. Revitalizes over-fertilized soil and is suitable for all crops.

Orchards and Vineyards

The active ingredient protects the fruit from frost and drought. Significantly increases the harvest of quality fruit.


The active ingredient stimulates the forest’s defenses by repelling and expelling bark beetles.


The active ingredient destroys cyanobacteria and helps to feed the fish. Reduces feed costs and supports spawning.

Vermaktiv Dron

In complex and hard to access terrains, we provide Monitoring, Application-spraying, and Comparison of Results. We use state-of-the-art long-range drones developed in the Czech Republic under the scientific supervision and patronage of CTU.

Monitoring will provide valuable data that map out infestations, dry spots, plant damage, etc. Drone Application-spraying gives you the most accurate spraying method without loss.

Comparison of Results is a follow-up process where you can evaluate or further monitor post-application development.

“With the harvest, we noted an increase in yield of 15%, with an emphasis on an increased proportion of high-quality fruit by 50%.”

ZD Podlipan Vitice, Ing. Mikulas Demo,

Czech Republic

“The yield of maize was 28% higher in treated areas.
The harvested grain from the treated area had 10% less moisture than the grain on the untreated control area.”

ZD Podlipan Vitice, Ing. Mikulas Demo,

Czech Republic

“Compared to the control area, peppers increased by 11.7 g, 3.9 mm increase of the defensive thickness of sprayed amino acid foliar fertilizer, and body weight increased by 10.1 g.”

Beijing Biore Biotechnology Co, Ltd,


Why choose Vermaktiv

The application of our exclusively natural product will replace a quarter of inorganic fertilizers (including urea) and up to 25% of all herbicides and insecticides. Vermaktiv Stimul improves soil quality by promoting the growth of soil microorganisms and bacteria. Vermaktiv accelerates the degradation of organic matter to create humus increasing minerals in the soil and improving root system absorbtion.

Functional Substance

Vermaktiv Stimul is made from components that catalyze the increase in plant nutrition immediately after application, effectively producing plant tissue and root system. The extraordinary composition promotes an increase in immunity throughout the growing season.

Application of Vermaktiv Stimul

Vermaktiv Stimul is applied to the aerial part of the plants, avoiding unnecessary financial and functional losses. The unique composition ensures the ideal permeability of the extract penetrating through the leaves to the underground root system. As a result, the root system multiplies. Long-term application deepens the effect and the soil repeatedly thickens. Within 3-5 years, the humus content can double. All this happens naturally and does not exhaust the soil. On the contrary, Vermaktiv Stimul can successfully fertilize it.

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