a unique growth stimulant approved by ÚKZUZ for organic farming according to Council Regulation (ES) No. 834/2007 and Commission Regulation (ES) No. 889/2008 for organic production.

» Stimulation of plant defenses in adverse climatic conditions such as drought and frost
» Increased multiplication of the root system for increased nutient absoprtion
» Support for the breakdown of old inorganic fertilizers and compounds in the soil to create available nutrition
» Relieves plant stress and encourages natural growth after application of inorganic fertilizers
» Higher yield and economy of cultivation, decrease of poor quality fruits at harvest
» Patented ecological products for efficient management and professional advice and consultation to your fields, farms, or growing areas.

Products for Organic Growth

For Farmers

The active substance increases the resistance of plants and has a positive effect on yield. Revitalizes fertilized soils and is suitable for all cereals and grains.

For Orchards and Vineyards

The active substance protects the fruit from frost and drought. It significantly increases the harvest of quality fruit.

For Vegetable Farmers
and Gardeners

The active substance increases the immune system and ensures a higher yield..


Not only in complex and hard-to-reach terrains, we provide Monitoring, Application-Spraying, and subsequent comparison of results. We use the most modern forms of application.

Monitoring will bring valuable data that map infestations, dry places, plant damage, etc.

By applying with a drone, you get the most accurate method of spraying without any loss.

Comparison is a subsequent process that evaluates and monitors development after application.

“At the harvest, we noted a 15% increase in yield, with an emphasis on an increased 50% share of quality fruit.”

ZD Podlipan Vitice, Ing. Mikulas Demo,

Czech Republic

“Compared to the control, the weight increased by 11.7 g, the defensive thickness of the sprayed amino acid foliar fertilizer increased by 3.9 mm and the body weight increased by 10.1 g compared to the control.”

Beijing Biore Biotechnology Co, Ltd,


“The yield of maize was 28% higher in treated areas.
The harvested grain from the treated area had 10% less moisture than the grain on the untreated control area.”

ZD Podlipan Vitice, Ing. Mikulas Demo,

Czech Republic

Why choose VERMAKTIV Stimul

The application of our exclusively natural product will replace a quarter of inorganic fertilizers and up to 25% of all herbicides and insecticides. VERMAKTIV Stimul improves soil quality by supporting the growth of soil microorganisms and bacteria. VERMAKTIV Stimul accelerates the degradation of organic matter, increases humus in the soil, creates minerals, and improves the system of root absorption.

Functional Substance

VERMAKTIV Stimul is made from ingredients that catalyse the increase in plant nutrition immediately after application, thereby effectively producing plant tissue and root system. The extraordinary composition promotes an increase in immunity during the growing season.

Application of VERMAKTIV Stimul

VERMAKTIV Stimul is applied to the aboveground part of plants. This makes the application extremely accurate and there are no unnecessary financial and functional losses. The unique composition of the product ensures the ideal permeability of the extract, which penetrates through the leaves to the underground part of the plant. As a result, the root system can multiply effectively. Longer-term applications not only deepen the whole effect, but the soil is repeatedly fertilised. Within 2-3 years it can double the humus layer. The substance is all natural and will not deplete the soil, but will successfully revitalise it.

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