For Agriculture

VERMAKTIV Stimul is a natural preservative that efficiently helps plants to bear fruit despite drought or spring frosts. Despite the dry season, the application can increase the harvest of maize up to 28%. It can desalinate over-fertilised soil and increase the humus layer up to 50% within 2-3 years. VERMAKTIV Stimul’s activity is not limited to agriculture and affects all plants with similar results. Vermaktiv is applied to the plant’s leaves or needles and passes into the underground part of the plant. The root proportion increases, thereby supporting its defenses. The plant becomes resistant to infection and increases the absorption of nutrients from the soil. The basis of the active substance is extruded earthworm droppings, which are enriched with specific natural substances. VERMAKTIV Stimul does not replace fertiliser, but works in conjunction to significantly reduce the degradation of inorganic material in the soil. As a result, the harvest increases, with soil quality improving year after year. VERMAKTIV Stimul is a Czech product that has been developed over 20 years, now under the leadership of Doc. Smrček from Charles University in Prague. It is a product that could start the increase of fertility of all agricultural areas in the Czech Republic.