For Farmers

VERMAKTIV Stimul – Field Crops

The substance supports a faster growth of the green area by up to 36% and has a positive effect on the supply of all necessary nutrients. Increases growth ability and throughout the growing season, including a transition period during a lack of moisture .

It supports the growth of soil bacteria and other microorganisms that accelerate the decomposition of organic matter. VERMAKTIV Stimul supports the breakdown of old inorganic fertilisers and other accumulated inorganic compounds into available substances for plant nutrition. This breaks down salinity and restores biologically depleted soil.

Proven Results

The ideal path of the substance into the soil takes place through the aboveground part of the plant.

In 2011, VERMAKTIV Stimul was applied to the Amoroso maize in the Podlipan Vítice agricultural cooperative (total area of ​​82 ha) in a dilution ratio of 1: 250 with water. Vermaktiv Stimul was applied to 22 ha and 60 ha was left as the control.
During the vegetation on the applied area, a visible difference was found in the increase of green matter (height of stand, richer coloration and width of the stalk), compared to the control. In the vegetation stage of flowering, a faster development of the flower was found 3-4 days earlier, and a subsequent earlier development of the ear compared to the control.
At the time when the cob reached 40% of the final size (BBCH 74), sampling was performed to determine the dry matter content. The treated plants showed a higher dry matter content of 32% compared to the untreated control.

The yield recorded was 28% higher on treated areas compared to the untreated control.

The harvested corn grain from the treated area had 10% less moisture than the grain on the untreated control.

Increase in humus layer

Vermaktiv Stimul increases the quality of the soil and supports the multiplication of soil bacteria and other microorganisms, which accelerate the decomposition processes of organic matter. It breaks down individual minerals for better absorbtion by the root system. Every year, there is an increased production of humic substances. VERMAKTIV Stimul can increase the proportion of humus in the soil in 2-3 years by up to 50% . Due to the increase in soil colloids, organic matter binds important nutrients and thus prevents loss from the ecosystem, e.g. by leaching. It further improves soil properties such as thermal conductivity, aeration, water binding capacity, etc.