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What are herbal auxiliaries?

In general, herbal auvilaries are characterized as substances that do not contain significant amounts of nutrients. When used in small amounts, they stimulate plant growth, can improve nutrient uptake or utilization, increase resistance to adverse external conditions, accelerate regeneration of damaged crops, etc. Biostimulators are similar to the analogy of homeopathy in medicine (some used terms also come from the field of alternative medicine, e.g. adaptogen).

How does VERMAKTIV Stimul work?

After application, VERMAKTIV Stimul enters the root system through the dividing connective tissues. This leads to a very rapid multiplication of the root capillaries and a faster intake of storage substances, which speeds up the metabolic processes in the plant. The action of phytohormones activates the autoimmune defense of the plant. The application directly affects the resistance of plants to root pathogens, supports resistance to infections and other biotic and abiotic influences. To a certain extent, this replaces the activity of phytohormones.

Where do cytokinins and other phytohormones in Vermaktiv come from?

The vermicompost contains minerals, humic acids, and other organic substances. It contains enzymes from the digestive tract of earthworms, growth hormones (phytohormones) such as auxins, cytokinins, gibberlins, ethylene, and abcisic acid. They are natural metabolites of plants that regulate their growth and developmental composition. Individual cells synthesize groups of phytohormones and are transported from the cells to the whole plant. The molecules of these phytohormones have a signaling role that informs or stimulates the plant.

How often to apply VERMAKTIV Stimul?

All information about the application can be found in our Download section or at this link. Ke stažení, nebo na tomto link.

How do the VERMAKTIV Stimul product lines differ?

The products differ mainly in the form of packaging and the recommended form of application. Depending on the target crop, the trace amounts of the activators of the substance vary.

Why does VERMAKTIV Stimul have a repellent effect on pests?

This effect is mainly due to the fact that the vermicompost contains organic residues and parts of dead earthworms. Interestingly, pollinators don’t mind, they are more attracted to it. After the application, VERMAKTIV Stimul will be immediately absorbed by the plant’s dividing connective tissues and the trace elements will remain in the plant for a very long time. Therefore, during a normal attack of a beetle (spruce lichen-eater), the pests will be repelled.

What is the effect of the application of VERMAKTIV Stimul Forest & Park on the surrounding stands?

The product is non-toxic and harmless to the human population, plants, all flora or fauna living in any habitat. The amount that falls on the ground will lead to the multiplication of soil bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhizal fungi (stalk spores, sac spores and connective spores) are fungi that are symbiotically supported with the roots of the plant. They are connected by a two-way flow of nutrients; carbon compounds flow from the plant to the fungus and inorganic substances from the fungus to the plant. The action of these fungi leads to an increase in nutrient uptake and water aborption, so they are more resistant to drought and stress (herbicidal, pesticidal, insecticidal).

How does VERMAKTIV Stimul work on pear rust (Venturia pyrina)?

Venturia pyrina is a fungal disease that VERMAKTIV Stimul prevents during normal preventive application. If the spores have already settled, apply 1/3 dose of fungicide together with VERMAKTIV Stimul.

Important notice applies to environments where juniper occurs: the fungus often takes refuge in them during the winter. Therefore, if you grow juniper, there is a high probability that you will almost never be able to get rid of Venturua pyrina 100%.

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