Application of the product on forests

We return nature to where it was.

VERMAKTIV Stimul Forest

VERMAKTIV Stimul Forest gets the forest stand in shape and also has a demonstrable repellent effect against bark beetle. Due to the fact that this pest swarms in the spring according to the current weather in April or May. The month of March is ideal for the application of our preventive spraying.

Because we value Czech forests, we decided to help in the fight against the damage caused by bark beetles and we teamed up with forester Ing. Josef Beran and the company Správa majetku Thienen – Serényi sro and performed a test spraying application in their field.

First, we scanned the forest with a multispectral camera to obtain accurate data on the condition of the vegetation. Subsequently, we treated several hectares of forest with the help of a spray drone and a helicopter according to a pre-prepared methodology. We left part of the stand untreated for control.

Six weeks after application, allowing the product to work, we returned to take data, using the same methods.

This was the first methodological and monitored application of such a scope and the results will be of great importance for the entire forestry.

We made an audiovisual recording of the whole event, take a look.